UK-lndonesia Symposium on Engineering, Energy, EnvironmentaI Sustainability and Food Security 2O15

The numbers of people afflicted with dementia will grow exponentially over the next
decades, particularly in developing countries (Prince, 2013). These countries are all
ill equipped for this epidemic, which has very high social and economic costs (Prince,
2013). We estimated that there are currently 1 million Indonesian dementia suffers,
to increase to 4 million afflicted in 2050, as compared to half those numbers in the
UK (Hogervorst, 2011b). No long term effective treatment currently reduces
dementia symptoms or markers, such as severe memory loss. However, our
previous work with tempe (an Indonesian food product) has shown surprising and
very positive effects on memory and other dementia markers. We now aim to further
study this in randomised controlled trials in elderly at risk for dementia in Indonesia
and the UK to study its protective effects. This could lead to substantial costs
savings of $500 billion per year worldwide. This product can be made available
commercially very soon.


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