Tempe Reversed a Phytoestrogen Effects of Ovariectomy on Brain Function in Rats: Effects of Age and Type of Soy Product

Kridawati Irsan 1; Hardinsyah 2, A Winarno 2, TB Rahardjo3, E Hogervorst4
1Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Respati Indonesia (URINDO), 2 Bogor
Agricutural University (IPB), 3Centre for Aging Studies, Universitas Indonesia,
4Departement of Human Sciences, Loughborough University, UK.
1University of Respati Indonesia Jl. Bambu Apus I No.3 Cipayung Jakarta Timur, 13890
+6221 8457627 / +6221 8458258 atikfahmi@yahoo.co.id


Backgroud: Cognitive function impaired in the elderly is not a disease but it can be considered as a Preclinical Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) one of the most common dementia in the elderly. Results of research on tempe and tofu showed the effects on different cognitive functions. The aims of this study were to analized the effect of tempe and tofu flours cognitive function in ovariectomized female rats. Method: Seventy two (72) white female Sprague Dawley strain rats, aged 12 months used for this study. Before the intervention 52 rats had ovariectomy (OVx) surgical treatments and were grouped into 5 intervention groups: tempe flour, tofu flour, estradiol, casein; and non ovariectomy. Cognitive function was measured using a labyrin. Processing and data analysis, used One-Way ANOVA with Polynomial Contrass Post Hoc LSD. Results: Based on difference test between the tempe flour group (8 weeks) with baseline 2(after OVx) showed that increased score in cognitive function significantly (P<0.05), while the tofu group increased but not significantly (P>0.05). Conclusions this study is the content of nutrients and isoflavones (genistein) on tempe flour higher than tofu flour. Intervention by tempe flour can increase cognitive function in female ovariectomized female rats. Suggested for further research is to measure cognitive function of other aspects such as memory, the content of serotonin, dopamine, plaque on brain.

Keywords: tempe flour, tofu flour, cognitve function, ovariectomized female rats


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